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change log:

This web site was built by a MMHK player, for MMHK players, according to information gathered in game and on official game forums and is not related to game editor or developpers.

This web site is best suited for players who like to get details in order to plan their moves and is not advised to players who like to discover the game by themselves as this might spoil their fun.

Pictures on this site are the intellectual property of their authors and of the game editor and are used parsimoniously and only to enhance the tools' ergonomics.

Thanks to Cocyte for giving his own simulator as a base on which this site's simulator has been built.

Thanks to MMHK players for their patience, for their information and feedback and thanks particularly to Animax, Blackmoon, Champi, Cleopatra, Cuma, Faerno, Freijnhard, Logain, Palladyn, Rohgahh, Ryuuketsu, Shekil, Snorki, Ssiena, Talsi, Thirdsword, Watch, Zarek and Zorlack.

Thanks to donators.

Thanks also to Tylem for his information about artifacts and for the various other informations he distills regularly on the forums.

User scripts bringing new features to the game interface have been developed by other players and allow, in particular, easier access to fight simulations: HOMMK from J. Eyries and [fr] MMHK-VicesEtRales from Mokhet / Vices et Râles ([fr] documentation).

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